To directly answer this question's original title "How to delete rows from a pandas DataFrame based on a conditional expression" (which I understand is not necessarily the OP's problem but could help other users coming across this question) one way to do this is to use the drop method:

df = df.drop(some labels)

df = df.drop(df[<some boolean condition>].index)


To remove all rows where column 'score' is < 50:

df = df.drop(df[df.score < 50].index)

In place version (as pointed out in comments)

df.drop(df[df.score < 50].index, inplace=True)

Multiple conditions

(see Boolean Indexing)

The operators are: | for or, & for and, and ~ for not. These must be grouped by using parentheses.

To remove all rows where column 'score' is < 50 and > 20

df = df.drop(df[(df.score < 50) & (df.score > 20)].index)


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